Everquest Fan Media

The links below present player-created media within the Everquest world. Player-created media takes a wide range of forms, such as memorial videos, comedy writing, and first-person narratives. If you are aware of any other pieces of media that document the culture of Everquest such as these, including fan fiction, please share them to this project.


Fansy the Bard

Fansy the Bard was a comedy website about the exploits of a really, really annoying Bard. Fansy was a character who traversed Norrath while insisting on being good in a world of evil. A long read, but possibly the most famous comedy writing to come out of early Everquest and perhaps any other MMO.


Mirage, Guild Memory Album Video

In 2002, the Everquest guild Mirage created a flash video of their in-game memories and achievements. The original website no longer exists, but the video was uploaded to YouTube and is linked here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jzy3RE3hVks


Skater Gnome

From the Everquest Wikia: “Skater Gnome was a series of humorous stories placed on the Castersrealm website during Everquest’s prominent years. They are written in very stereotypical gamer talk from the time and about a newbie who just started EQ and has no idea what is going on. A few of the stories evolve around the Skater Gnome character’s player in real life.”

Castersrealm no longer exists, so the stories have been preserved on the Everquest Wikia page.


Something Awful pranks