Gordonis, the Wizard (EQ)


Gordonis, Wizard, Quellious server

  • Toxxulia Forest (see image above)

I remember in my first week or so of playing, I was running around Toxxulia Forest and I didn’t know that you could use gamma correction to brighten your display. It was dark. When night time came around, I was completely incapacitated and couldn’t see anything to move. I thought it was a shitty game that you had to wait until daylight to play. Then someone told me to turn up my gamma correction and I felt like a moron.

  • North Karana

Spent hours here waiting for the spires to activate, before there was any other way to get to Luclin. Killed thousands of lions for skins.

  • Western Wastes

I learned to quad kite here. Spent many hours killing shit.

  • Qeynos

It was the first place I ventured to after my starting city of Erudin. The boat ride took forever and I didn’t know you could bind elsewhere until about a month into playing. So every time I got killed in Qeynos, I would spawn in Erudin and have to take that damned boat to Qeynos to find my corpse. It took hours sometimes.

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