Eluwenie, the Ranger (EQ)


Eluwenie Stargazer, Ranger, Antonius Bayle server

  • The Bloodfields

Trying to get my 2.0 Ranger Epic, the raid wiped 3 times and on that 4th one I finally got it.

I never experienced this zone further than the zoneline and time after time after the raid wiped I was becoming familiar what the zone was like over the course of time, I knew where to be for the raid, I knew where not to be and I knew what I was capable of being a Ranger and no merc at the time too with soloing.

  • Plane of Knowledge (see photo above)

This really opened up so much for Everquest when you have a class that cannot port somewhere and a great zone to meet up with friends and finding so much more info in the library in this zone, combining items that were not found easily prior to this expansion.

When my guild leader, at the time, asked me to perform a wedding ceremony in Plane of Knowledge in the chapel of light. I felt very humbled but also questioned the couple “why ask a ranger?” They said because I was the closest friends they had and I was very nervous but did my best with it, and they were so pleased on how it all turned out. That will always be the most memorable.

  • Kelethin

So many memories just from the get-go. From falling off the bridges, learning where things were (no map at the time). Greater Faydark in general when EverQuest was most populated and people selling prestine drake scales that were needed to make your own armor. This server back then was so packed full of people that there was no “camp”, it’s fight for what you can get without hitting someone else’s mob.

I remember when the GM’s would come online (around 2002 or so when I first started) every Sat. afternoon (EST). When it was called “Kane Bayle” back then (to my recollection) and tell the story of Kelethin up the 2nd lift in Kelethin. If you sat, read what they said about some of the story and stayed after with no disruption they would give you a stack of cookies and milk, I very much enjoyed that aspect of it every weekend. I believe it lasted an hour or two but it was nice personal touch to the game without fighting and no need to combine anything, nice relaxing way to spend an afternoon weekend.

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