Milburn/Palmer, the Shaman and Conjurer (EQ/EQ2)


Milburn, Shaman, Fennin Ro/Firiona Vie servers

  • Blackburrow

This is the beginning of it all, how could I not pick this? Back in the early days when I had altaholism this is where most of my time was spent. This was the proving ground, the wet stone, the trial upon which everything else was forged. To not mention it would be criminal.

  • Howling Stones

Howling Stones will always hold a special place in my heart because back when I used to run it there were very few people who even knew it existed, let alone knew how great of a place it was. We’re talking about this small out of the way zone that you had to do a long key quest to even get inside. You throw on top of the fact that I played one of the few shaman at the time with their epic and you had the fixings for an amazing time soloing through HS.

  • Plane of Mischief (see image above)

Plane of Mischief was a game changer of sorts back before it was revamped. You had truly challenging content (albeit, frustrating as well) but it was such a satisfying and rewarding place to master. I still have a Ranger tucked in there that’s bound there which I never log in because I’m afraid the bind will get erased. Some times it’s okay to shelve a memory so that you can keep it.

  • Erudin

This is more of a story of Toxxulia Forest than it is of Erudin but my very first character in Everquest was an erudite enchanter in phase 2 beta. I just remember being 11 years old and wandering aimlessly for hours. It took me like 2 weeks just to get past level 2 I was just so content exploring and discovering this new world.

Everquest II

Palmer, Conjurer, Antonia Bayle servers

  • Ruins of Varsoon

Varsoons is memorable to me just because of all the time that I’ve spent there. There’s really not much to be told, it just sticks out to me because of how important it is in the process of making a new character.

  • Obelisk of Lost Souls

Obelisk is super super SUPER special to me because it’s often a source of income to me. Whenever a new server opens up on Everquest 2 I would immediately roll a conjurer and get him to Obelisk by lvl 45 or so I would have the whole place on lockdown by myself and farming Master books. Each new server I make about 200 or so Krono off that farm spot alone.

  • Permafrost

Permafrost is just the most absolutely beautiful zone to exist in an MMO. I just love it.

  • Qeynos

Everquest 2 was one of the only MMO’s to get what a city should feel like (of course this changed for the worse when they revamped all the suburbs). I mean back in the early days when you walked through Qeynos or Freeport you committed to a chunk of time to get through it. You worked your way through the suburbs and sometimes you got lost in the streets and alleys. I always felt more immersed in the big cities of Everquest 2 because it felt like I was in an actual city.

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