Vainamoinen, the Paladin (EQ2)

Vainamoinen, Paladin, Najena/Unrest server

  • Thundering Steppes

My wife and I had been questing quite a bit in Antonica and believed that this was the extent of the world in EQ2. We had received a quest in Thundering Steppes and believed that this was the area around the Thundering Steppes Griffon Tower. When we did eventually find the zone line into the Thundering Steppes and zoned in, we were amazed that the size of our “world” had just doubled.

  • Ruins of Varsoon (see image above)

I ran the Ruins of Varsoon quite regularly on my Paladin. There were so many Heritage Quest updates in the Ruins that people were regularly looking for groups there. I learned much of the fundamentals of tanking helping groups get their quest updates and would continue to help people there well past the level cap (mentoring down). I could likely run the zone in my sleep 😉

  • Jarsath Wastes

Jarsath wastes was the first expansion I was at level cap to experience & familiar enough with the game to appreciate the novelty of an expansion. Out of curiousity, I ventured through Kylong Plains, Kunzar Jungle and eventually to Jarsath Wastes in order to see as much as I could on the first day of release. As a geologist, I was very impressed with the detail to landscape, especially the volcanoes and lava fields of Skyfire Mountains. I was also amazed by the size of structures like Ganak’s Battlements and the Hurculean Ramparts.

  • Qeynos

Qeynos was the city in which I created my first character (Vainamoinen), more specifically in Nettleville.

Although a more recent event, one of the more memorable things that happened in Qeynos was when Vain received his Knight-Captain title. I had been putting off getting this it for quite some time, so finally getting around to obtaining the faction with the Qeynos Guard and receiving the title was something I considered a big accomplishment. It also helped show how loyal my toon was tot the city he had been “born” in.

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