Treebranch, the Ranger (EQ)

Tunare Server

  • Kelethin

Kelethin was unique, in that it existed in the trees of another zone. The amount of freedom at higher levels with levitate and SoW was unparalleled. Also, on Tunare specifically, the auction community set up shop there. We had “gBay”, not the Commonlands tunnel.

  • South Karana (see image above)

South Karana had Splitpaw and the Aviak village – places where I met friends that I would keep for years. Early in my adventures, maybe around level 12, I was camping the claw monoliths around Splitpaw. Two players who were passing by threw me a full set of Banded Armor and wished me well. About a month later, I would join their guild – the Watchkeepers. I eventually became an officer, a raid leader, and made friends that I still have to this day.

  • Dreadlands

The Dreadlands is just an amazing “introduction” to Kunark in a way. The druid and wizard spires sit far away from the other zones, and the transition in climates makes for a beautiful journey. It’s just one of those things that years ago left an impression for its beauty. I still remember my first time porting into the druid ring there and running across the wastes dodging Gorenaire.

  • Eastern Wastes

Eastern Wastes is where most of the Coldain Ring quests occur. It’s just a wonderful introduction to Velious. Ry’Gorr orcs, Kael Drakkal, Lodizal, and the Tower of Frozen Shadow. Tons of content all in one zone. I helped a lot of people with Coldain Rings and Prayer Shawls in that zone.

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