Renataki, the Illusionist (EQ2)

Renataki, Coercer, Najena/Unrest server

  • Neriak

I just found the city beautiful. A very faithful recreation of the original, but with updated graphics. Also, it was all one zone, compared to Freeport and Qeynos.

  • Commonlands (see image above)

I started my leveling process in Commonlands. My first groups were there and I mastered Charm in that zone. At one point there was a GM event where I brought a lot of orc weaponry back to an NPC and received a unique orc follower pet.

  • Jarsath Wastes

Jarsath Wastes is just a very beautiful zone and I found it to be an excellent recreation of Skyfire and the Overthere. I had to finish my epic quest in that zone – down in the Howling Stones dungeon, and then later on in Chelsith.

  • Castle Mistmoore

The original Castle Mistmoore was a lot of fun. It’s an excellent zone with a fun villain and a lot of backstory. EQ2 kept that. At one point, I was raiding with Dominatus and we took down the “contested” version of Mayong Mistmoore. It took forever and was a ridiculously difficult fight. A couple years later, I soloed him on my shadowknight. /sad trombone

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