Naieni, the Druid (EQ/EQ2)


Naienia, Druid, Vazaelle Server

  • Rivervale

I always run into Nillipus in the back by the garden.

  • Greater Faydark

Greater Faydark and the city in the trees. I have heard many stories about drunken races up there.

Everquest II

Naieni, Fury, Steamfont/Oasis Server

  • Fallen Gate

Husband and I started on Launch Day. Right after that, we were grinding and kept dying at a certain spot. We eventually had to get a bigger group going to regain our shards. The group kept wiping and eventually we either stopped and gave up or someone bigger came and helped. It took forever to get back our xp from death.

  • Commonlands

Coming to the Griffins the very first time. I really thought that they were bad and avoided them at all costs.

  • Greater Faydark (see image above)

Running into the old spires and hearing the old music play.

  • Qeynos

Just remember the “hugeness” of Qeynos. I started in Freeport, originally. When I started my “goodie”, it just blew my mind.

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