Karudan, the Berserker (EQ/EQ2)

Karudan, Berzerker, Kithikor/Butcherblock server

Memorable Stories (EQ)

  • Lesser Faydark

First time that I ever decided to just walk and explore I ended up in LFay, completely lost. It was dark and something started attacking me, I still don’t know what. I never made my way back to that place….

  • The Great Divide

I spent a lot of time there with friends chain pulling mobs for xp. It was the most social time of EQ1 for me.

  • Plane of Knowledge / Bazaar

I just loved all of the people interacting and chatting.

  • Kaladim

The entrance….it was my first graphic MMO. I felt like I was there as I stood underneath the entrance looking up at the statues.

Memorable Stories (EQ2)

  • Sinking Sands

Sinking Sands: After the first server merge, the first time that Terrorantula spawned. There must have been 5 or 6 guilds trying to pull him and lots of spectators. The lag was terrible and made the mem-wipe very difficult to deal with. We rushed a pull before we were ready because a raid wiped and he had just reset. My arrow got him before the other guilds and I managed to hold aggro through the lag until he was down to 5%. It was my most epic and proud moment of EQ2, even though we had that mob on farm.

  • Pillars of Flame

Before the first server merge and new raid guild moved to Kithicor, Chaotic Legion, because it was considered a care bear server and they thought the top guild, Fortitude, would be easy pushovers (they were running from NPU). So, Siyamak spawns and we call up as many as we could get, about 3 groups. We pulled as they started showing up and we downed her as they watched. In the end they owned the server, but we won that day 🙂

  • Thundering Steppes through Everfrost (see image above)

The game was new, friends were new. Really the entire launch as we moved through the zones with friends was an amazing experience. It really felt that each time you went into a new zone you were entering a new frontier. No one knew what to expect. The quest to get into EL…..we were the second guild to get in. It was pretty amazing. We had a swashbuckler with group sneak so we could explore the entire zone before we were high enough to kill the mobs.

  • Qeynos

It was launch and there were no guild halls, so the cities were very active. I met a lot of friends in Qeynos, guilds were formed, trades were made. Good times.

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