Grys, the Unknown (EQ/EQ2)

Everquest Stories

  • Blackburrow

The trains! The hole in the tree! The bridge in the lower levels. Losing corpses in the underground lake!

  • Splitpaw

The first “dungeon”. Many deaths. Trains.

  • Ocean of Tears (first crossing)

The mobs. The named. The adventure of crossing an actual ocean! Exploring islands. Gornit, Allizewsaur, Ancient Cyclops.

  • Qeynos

Home City. Started in Surefall Glade. Took me several attempts in near pitch darkness to navigate the tunnel to Qeynos Hills; only to die to virtually every creature I met. (My previous MMORPG was some T4C (the Fourth Coming) & was not prepared for EQ1). After doing some homework & meeting up with friends I proceeded to slaughter every rat I could find – but never moving to far from the North Qeynos gate. In those days death meant losing all your gear & coin & body recovery.

Everquest II Stories

  • Scaleborn Sanctuary

Best XP. Huge zone. Heaps of named. Lots of quests. Like all the good zones trains of mobs & the quests.

  • Most Kingdom of Sky zones

Kingdom of Sky zones where the most numerous & nest layouts. From climbing walls to named to quests.

  • Fallen Gate

Fallen Gate (along with Stormhold) were 2 of the best lower level dungeons. Huge in size, lots of mobs, plenty of named & quests.

  • QeynosĀ (see image above)

To be honest none of the cities “stand out” as such, but Willow Wood reminded me of a rustic village. & the access to Oakmyst & the Caves. Freeport had/has very crappy sub-zones.

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